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Quinn’s Cookies were created in our kitchen in Iowa. The lactation cookies were inspired by a friend and a family member struggling to produce enough milk for their newborns. As a soon-to-be new dad, it broke my heart to see these sleep-deprived women under stress because they weren’t able to feed their children. My passion for cooking and baking was combined with research of what can help breastfeeding moms, and Quinn’s Cookies was born! Our lactation cookies can increase milk production, improve the quality of breast milk, boost immunization, and can help with fatigue and postpartum depression.


Lactation Cookies

Most cookies on the market are hard and have a taste similar to cardboard. I decided to tackle the issue and developed a high quality, soft and chewy cookie that would help new moms produce the best breast milk they could. Not only does it promote milk production, it can also help with fatigue and depression. New moms are often overwhelmed and underappreciated for all they’re doing – what better way to take care of yourself and your baby than with a cookie that’s GOOD for you?!


After our first daughter, Quinn, was born, we were unable to produce milk. We traded our lactation cookies for our best friend’s excess milk for Quinn. It was a win/win situation for both babies! Word of mouth soon spread and more moms wanted to try these freshly made cookies that worked great AND tasted amazing. Within one year, Quinn’s Cookies was selling our highest quality cookies throughout the United States. All cookies are made for your order and shipped to you within three to five days.


Customized Cookie Packaging

A client loved our cookies and wanted to serve them every Friday to his customers as a thank you and to promote his products. In response to his need, we developed the customized cookie program for companies, families, and friends. You can choose your logo, message, or image to put on the labels of the individually-wrapped cookies. Response has been phenomenal and we’d love to work with you!

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